Trilogy Live (1997)

Marek Balata – vocal / bells
Günter Wehinger – flute
Art Lande – piano

  1. A Folk Painting Marek Balata / 14:35
  2. Osmogulosis Pleontis Art Lande / 11:41
  3. Blues for Billy Hart Marek Balata / 9:42
  4. Jumperski Marek Balata / 7:17
  5. Summer Rain Günter Wehinger / 8:42
  6. Quiet Now Denny Zeitlin / Patricia Beysens / 2:43
  7. Taki Peyjaz Zygmunt Konieczny / Andrzej Szmidt / 5:32

Recorded Live In Warsaw 17 May 1997 / STUDIO PR im A.Osieckiej

The music they create combines vocal sounds, folk music, blues, classical music and jazz. … Wehinger displays a bluesy style on his solo; his high notes are full while the low tones are round and warm.” — Richard B. Kamins, Cadence Magazine (USA)

The music of Trilogy is colorful – it is due to the musicality and great abilities of these three musicians, and to the well chosen repertoire. … Wehinger is a great musician, he uses different blowing technics and growls.” — Magdalena Szuster, Jazzi Magazine (Poland)

“With the American pianist Art Lande and the Austrian Flutist Gunter Wehinger Marek Balata has found two congenial partners. This CD – recorded live in Warsaw – is an excellent album with mostly meditativ, acoustic vocal-music of the highest quality.” — Jazz Live Magazine (Austria)