A subtle adventure between sound and silence, enchanting improvisations played in a meditative way.

G√ľnter Wehinger – flute, alto-flute, bass-flute

  1. Invocation G. Wehinger 7:03
  2. Sweet silence G. Wehinger 6:13
  3. Timeless G. Wehinger 6:00
  4. Full moon G. Wehinger 7:03
  5. Mystical dream G. Wehinger 7:08
  6. Serenity G. Wehinger 7:05
  7. Reflections G. Wehinger 5:31
  8. Spiritual dance G. Wehinger 4:59

Recorded 1994 in a Chapel in Biel, Switzerland

“Gunter Wehinger, a master flutist, offers with this recording a setting of serene improvisations, born out of a reflective mood. … Every title of this album is an invitation for a special journey.” – Daniel Cerny, Producer


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