Cry Flute

Günter Wehinger – flute
Mike Cain – piano
Anthony Cox – bass
Pheeroan AkLaff – drums

  1. It´s Like That G. Wehinger / Anthony Cox 2:45
  2. Illusions G. Wehinger 6:05
  3. Eileen´s Song G. Wehinger 7:33
  4. When I Think of You G. Wehinger 7:50
  5. Billy G. Wehinger 6:44
  6. Footsteps In The Dark G. Wehinger 7:09
  7. Flute And Drum G. Wehinger / Pheeroan AkLaff 3:41
  8. Summerrain G. Wehinger 6:40
  9. In A Sentimental Mood Duke Ellington 3:03

Recorded 1994 by David Baker at “Systems Two”, Brooklyn, NY

Cry Flute establishes Wehinger as a formidable flutist and composer. … Gunter Wehinger and his quartet have created a multivalent musical statement with this CD.” – Anthony Brown, Smithsonian Institution

You can download this jazz flute album or only single titles at the iTunes store.


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