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Flute On Fire

Julio Azcano-Günter Wehinger-Quartet live at Studio Polskie Radio 3 in Warsaw (PL) – 24 Nov. 2008 1 – Grand Slam (Bill O’Connell) 2 – Luz de Abril (Julio Azcano) 3 – Distancias (Julio Azcano) Günter Wehinger with jazz orchestra live at the Lokremise Buchs (CH) – 23 Sept. 2016 4 – Heyjo (Günter Wehinger) Günter […]

New Video, new CD

A new CD with live recordings was published by Unit Records in January 2018. The Album entitled “Flute On Fire” also includes a version of “Heyjo” recorded one day prior to the video recording. For infos about the new CD “Flute On Fire” please go to the CD section.

Compositions / Arrangements

C O M P O S I T I O N S: “Double Entendre” for jazz quartet and string orchestra II. Movement III. Movement “Intrada Festiva” for 12 instruments commissioned by Musikschule Werdenberg (CH) A R R A N G E M E N T S: Are you looking for a string arrangement for your pop- […]

World Triangle

Günter Wehinger – flute, alto flute Peter Madsen – piano Eiji Nakayama – bass Eiji’s Folk Song   Eiji Nakayama Awakening   Günter Wehinger Paradiso   Eiji Nakayama I Had Three Wishes   Eiji Nakayama Triangle   Eiji Nakayama Lost For Generations   Peter Madsen As You Wish   Peter Madsen Ocean’s Blue   Eiji Nakayama Tsunami   Peter […]