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Music From A Distant Time

Günter Wehinger – flutes, melodica, percussions Daniel Steiner – marimba, oud, santur, percussions Urs Wiesner – vibraphone, marimba, n’goni, percussions Recorded 18 July 2022 by Rafael Fernandez and Tomi del Castillo Mixed by Rafael Fernandez and Tomi del Castillo at Vision Sound Mastered by Tom Maeder For more information go to Flute & Drum website

Debussy… (2019)

Günter Wehinger – flute, alto flute Karin Nakagawa – koto Urs Wiesner – vibraphone André Buser – e-bass L’après-midi d’un faune / Chiara’s Flute Song / Clair de lune / Delydious / Interlude /Bruyères / Prelude / Beau Soir / Erwachen / Gnossienne 1 Recorded 2017 by Tom Maeder at the Jazzcampus Basel For more […]

Flute On Fire (2018)

Julio Azcano-Günter Wehinger-Quartet live at Studio Polskie Radio 3 in Warsaw (PL) – 24 Nov. 2008 1 – Grand Slam (Bill O’Connell) 2 – Luz de Abril (Julio Azcano) 3 – Distancias (Julio Azcano) Günter Wehinger with jazz orchestra live at the Lokremise Buchs (CH) – 23 Sept. 2016 4 – Heyjo (Günter Wehinger) Günter […]


“A remarkable recording of works by Claude Debussy, performed, with great sensitivity, by a unique instrumental combination […] this is not like any jazz we have heard before.” Peter Westbrook, “Günter Wehinger hat mit Koto, Vibraphon und E-Bass eine äußerst originelle Besetzung gewählt. Während [Musikername] ab und an der elegischen Schönheit der Debussy’schen Musik […]

Compositions / Arrangements

C O M P O S I T I O N S: “Double Entendre” for jazz quartet and string orchestra II. Movement III. Movement “Intrada Festiva” for 12 instruments commissioned by Musikschule Werdenberg (CH) Arrangement of an African folk song for string quartet, kora and perc. A R R A N G E M E N T […]

World Triangle (2013)

Günter Wehinger – flute, alto flute Peter Madsen – piano Eiji Nakayama – bass Eiji’s Folk Song   Eiji Nakayama Awakening   Günter Wehinger Paradiso   Eiji Nakayama I Had Three Wishes   Eiji Nakayama Triangle   Eiji Nakayama Lost For Generations   Peter Madsen As You Wish   Peter Madsen Ocean’s Blue   Eiji Nakayama Tsunami   Peter […]