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Flute On Fire

Julio Azcano-Günter Wehinger-Quartet live at Studio Polskie Radio 3 in Warsaw (PL) – 24 Nov. 2008 1 – Grand Slam (Bill O’Connell) 2 – Luz de Abril (Julio Azcano) 3 – Distancias (Julio Azcano) Günter Wehinger – flute / Julio Azcano – guitar / André Buser – electric-bass / Thomi Weiss – percussion Günter Wehinger […]

New Video, new CD

A new CD with live recordings will be published by Unit Records in January 2018. The Album entitled “Flute On Fire” also includes a version of “Heyjo” recorded one day prior to the video recording. For infos about the new CD “Flute On Fire” please go to the CD section.


Bruyères (Cl. Debussy) Prélude (Improvisation) & Beau Soir (Cl. Debussy) L’après-midi d’un faune (Cl. Debussy) Allegro (G. Wehinger) live 2015

Compositions / Arrangements

C O M P O S I T I O N S: “Double Entendre” for jazz quartet and string orchestra II. Movement III. Movement “Intrada Festiva” for 12 instruments commissioned by Musikschule Werdenberg (CH) A R R A N G E M E N T S: Are you looking for a string arrangement for your pop- […]

World Triangle

Günter Wehinger – flute, alto flute Peter Madsen – piano Eiji Nakayama – bass Eiji’s Folk Song   Eiji Nakayama Awakening   Günter Wehinger Paradiso   Eiji Nakayama I Had Three Wishes   Eiji Nakayama Triangle   Eiji Nakayama Lost For Generations   Peter Madsen As You Wish   Peter Madsen Ocean’s Blue   Eiji Nakayama Tsunami   Peter […]